AFT Medical Devices Ltd

   About the Company

AFT Medical Devices Ltd a limited company was founded in 2001.

The Managing Director, Alan Taylor has over 35 years of industrial experience in the Medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors with positions from Product Development through to Sales and Marketing. He was also employed as a research and analytical microbiologist and technical expert on wound management and wound closure as well as acquiring extensive knowledge with over the counter medical devices sales. He is also a registered IRCA lead auditor and registered MHRA approved medical device expert. He has conducted well over 1000 medical device audits as a contractor for a Notified Body both in the UK and globally. Alan Taylor also holds business qualifications.


Joanne Taylor is the Administrative Director with over 30 years in various administrative roles including management of over 70 people in her final position before joining the company.

The company draws on the experience of several associates with over 100 year’s total service in the medical and industrial sector, covering a wide range of medical device sectors. Associates have both scientific and business management qualifications, allowing them to fully appreciate all aspects of quality, technical and commercial requirements.


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